In/Versions Journal

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In/Versions is a new annual peer-reviewed publication produced by the Vancouver Island Public Interest Research Group (VIPIRG), a not-for-profit, student-funded, volunteer-driven community organization where members connect to work together on social justice and environmental issues. We are committed to bringing research to the community and providing a platform for community research efforts.

The journal’s name derives from ideas of diversity and subversion as to “invert” is to “put upside down or in the opposite position, order, or arrangement.” In yoga, inversions are known as viparita, which means “opposite process” or positions in which the heart is higher than the head. In keeping with this, the journal encourages challenging social, institutional and systemic conventions, adopting new perspectives, subverting norms and pushing boundaries.

Scope – We welcome research from all disciplines that critically engage with social and/or environmental issues as they interact and intersect with:

  • gender, race, ethnicity, sexualities, (dis)abilities, colonialism and decolonization;
  • food (in)security, economy, migration, globalization, transnationalism;
  • Indigenous knowledges, practices, praxis and issues;
  • new media, science and technology, health;
  • ethics, theory, philosophy or practice in social justice;
  • new social/political movements; history and analysis of social/political movements.

Aim – Our aim is to provide a platform for research and writing by students and community members at large, and create connections across various disciplines and between research and action. In our continued efforts to make research accessible and equitable, we value community research and academic research equally and hope to provide a space for diverse voices and marginalized groups.

Open Access Policy – We strive to challenge existing barriers and structural inequities inherent in both knowledge production and access to knowledge, especially within academic institutions and the publishing industry; therefore, In/Versions is and will always be free and open access – this means that all content is published free of charge, is freely available without charge and access to publications does not require institutional credentials. All materials herein are shared using a Creative Commons License.

The Editorial Team for In/Versions consists of VIPIRG’s research coordinator, staff, and volunteer peer reviewers.