Alternative Resource Library

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VIPIRG houses an alternative resource library in our offices located in the student union building at UVic (SUB B122). We have copious amounts of books, magazines, file folders and video/dvds for all your research needs. Topics range from sustainability, economics, politics, health, poverty, gender, colonialism, to name a few.

Any UVic student or VIPIRG Community member can borrow materials from our library. Our lending period is 2 weeks.

Our library catalogue is available online on Librarika

How to borrow books

1. Stop by our resource office located in the UVic Student Union Building Room B122.

2. Follow the steps listed here.

3. Use your laptop or the library computer located in B122 to sign out books.

VIPIRG's Bookshelf

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Launched in the Summer 2017 semester, VIPIRG has textbooks on reserve in our office for UVic students. Due to financial constraints, books cannot be checked out and we cannot offer every UVic textbook. We have chosen to offer the most expensive textbooks of some of the largest classes in the university. 

**The list of textbooks available in our office can be found here**

Textbook Access Hours

Monday - Thursday: 11am - 5pm

Friday: By Appointment