Press Release on our Housing Report


For Immediate Release

October 17, 2017

Victoria’s Student Housing Crisis: A Presentation by the Vancouver Island Public Interest Research Group

VICTORIA BC-–On October 19, 2017 at 6:30pm at Wild coffee students, teachers, and community members are invited to a free event hosted by the Vancouver Island Public Interest Research Group (VIPIRG) on affordable housing in British Columbia. The goal of the event is to present research findings on a recent study conducted by VIPIRG and bring awareness to housing issues affecting students and the wider community.

Who: Vancouver Island Public Interest Research Group
What: Research Launch
When: Thursday October 19th 2017. 6:30PM
Where: Wild Coffee

Finding affordable housing on and off campus is becoming increasingly difficult for post-secondary students in Victoria, British Columbia. Lack of affordable housing has far-reaching impacts for both individual health and wellness and society. Some of the major research findings were:

  • The vast majority of students (77.46%, n=299) indicated that finding a place to live in Victoria was difficult or very difficult
  • Finding housing in Victoria is extremely difficult due to high rent, lack of housing, high competition, and illegal and discriminatory practices by property owners/managers.

  • Housing in Victoria has a negative impact on students’ finances, mental health, and diet
  • A majority of students (58.29%, n=225) reported that most of their total income is used for rent/housing costs

  • Approximately 70.46% (n=272) reported yearly income that places them below the national low-income cut-off (LICO), also known as “the poverty line” (UFCW, 2009)

  • 45.72% (n=176) indicated that housing had a negative or very negative impact on their finances.

  • 42.23% of students reported experiencing difficulty paying rent in the last six months

  • More racialized students indicated that housing had a negative impact on their diet and mental health

Presenters at the event will elaborate on these findings and provide a broader understanding of the student housing crisis.


VIPIRG is a place where students and community members connect to work together on social justice and environmental issues.


Read a summary of the report here.