Student Housing Report: Summary of findings

Over the past two months, we have been busy conducting interviews and disseminating surveys! Over 380 students from Royal Roads University, the University of Victoria, and Camosun College were surveyed to share their opinions on the housing crisis and the ways in which they cope with low vacancy rates, high costs and other issues related to housing.  Specifically, we wanted to understand whether housing costs are associated with impacts on physical health, mental health, academics and quality of life post-secondary for students. Surveys were disseminated online via social media. We also conducted interviews with students to understand the issue more thoroughly.

The findings from the research project have been compiled into a report. Most notably, we found:
-    The vast majority of students (77.46%, n=299) indicated that finding a place to live in Victoria was difficult or very difficult.
-    A majority of students (58.29%, n=225) reported that most of their total income is used for rent/housing costs.
-    45.72% (n=176) indicated that housing had a negative or very negative impact on their finances.
-     42.23% of students reported experiencing difficulty paying rent in the last six months.

-     Finding housing in Victoria is extremely difficult due to high rent, lack of housing, high competition, and illegal and discriminatory practices by property owners/managers.

-   Housing in Victoria has a negative impact on students’ finances, mental health, anddiet

The results will be released at our annual Research Launch + Poetry Slam event on Thursday, October 19th at 6:30pm at Wild Coffee (632 Yates St). Midterms are around the corner and what better way to destress than attend this fun, informative event!

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