Presentation to the Public Hearing on Nanoose Bay Expropriation

On behalf of VIPIRG and the Barnard-Boecker Centre Foundation (BBCF), presented July 26, 1999, Nanaimo, British Columbia.


In examination of this issue from the perspective of the public interest, we can find no reasonable justification for the appropriation of Nanoose for continued military purposes. We therefore demand on democratic, economic, environmental, safety, and ethical grounds:

  1. that the plans to expropriate Nanoose be ceased immediately.
  2.  that CFMETR be closed and replaced with an operation that creates economic, democratic, environmental, safety and moral benefit to the community.
  3. that the millions of dollars saved annually by the closure of CFMETR be redirected to funding this project.
  4. that the US Navy be immediately required to clean up the sea bed of Nanoose
  5. that all exemption from Canadian law given to foreign or Canadian military be repealed.
  6. that the Canadian military budget be cut in order to provide funding for programs providing true democratic, environmental, and economic benefit
  7. that a democratic public inquiry into Canada’s participation in NATO be convened.

We believe that Nanoose Bay must remain in the possession of the rightful owners, the people of British Columbia and that the closing of this base will be a major step in the regaining and strengthening of democracy in Canada. We hope that these hearings will be a part of a true democratic process, where the public interest is still of primary concern to our

government. In that spirit of hope, we would like to close with a poem by Dorothy Livesay.

Written by PInk Sheep Media