About VIPIRG Working Groups

VIPIRG Coord members and staff invite you to start a new working group related to VIPIRG’s current priorities. If you received working group funding and support in the 2012-2013 fiscal, you are welcome to submit a new proposal for 2013-2014.

Working groups bring together students and community members to learn and organize around an issue. Groups receive support from VIPIRG including access to meeting rooms, office resources, webspace, outreach, advertising, photocopying, etc.

Commitments include: member attendance of one anti-oppression training and one end of year meeting, with submission of a final report; having two reliable contact people who stay in touch with a VIPIRG staff person; and contributing to outreach.

You may also join an existing working group (listed below, with contact information).

Download the Working Group Proposal 2013-2014 (PDF), review, and submit by October 4th, 2013.

For more information contact us.

Current VIPIRG working groups include:

Radical Health Alliance ~ radicalhealthalliance.wordpress.com

The Radical Health Alliance is a coalition front-line service workers, researchers, activists, students, and other community members mounting campaigns to challenge regressive policies and practices that affect the health and livelihood of poor and working people. This group is a great spot to try your hand at organizing public events, doing media and social media work, and to work with a growing number of Victoria residents who are demanding changes in policing and health provision practices in Victoria.

Contact radicalhealthalliance@gmail.com for more info.

No Pipelines ~

The anti-pipeline working group is working to resist the further development of pipelines in British Columbia, and bring an anti-colonial and anti-capitalist perspective to activism on this issue.

Contact the Research Coordinator for more info.

Working-groups from 2011/2012: