Allies of Drug War Survivor

Allies of Drug War Survivors is an un-funded grassroots organization committed to:

Radical Accompaniment ~ working alongside people who use drugs in challenging the violent results of stigmatization (denial of supervised consumption services and supports, police brutality, denial of housing, denial of income supports) as one of the least recognized frontiers of the civil rights movement

Supervised Consumption Services in Victoria ~ Victoria has denied essential health services to people who use illicit drugs for too long. The City of Victoria and Vancouver Island Health Authority must act on years of reports recommending fixed site needle exchange and supervised consumption services in Victoria.

Allies of Drug War Survivors is currently working alongside the Society of Living Illicit Drug Users (SOLID) and The Beddow Centre to host an ‘Activism and Advocacy Skills-building Convergence’ by and for people who use drugs right here in Victoria.

The aim of the convergence is to ensure people who use drugs have the resources they need to demand long-overdue supervised consumption services, and inclusion in the process of designing and delivering these services, in Victoria.

Upcoming events include ‘what is an ally?’ and ‘using social media’ workshops.

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