Community Includes Everyone

Join us on June 14th, 2012  when VIPIRG’s Safer for All Campaign will be hitting Victoria City Hall to drop off all the signed postcards that have been collected for the Community Includes Everyone signage and post card action.

The postcards demand – Stop Criminalizing Poverty! Victoria city council needs to:

  • take immediate action to end discrimination and social profiling against street involved people.
  • repeal bylaws that target street involved people
  • create anti-discrimination policy
  • implement mechanisms for greater police accountability

We want to let city hall know that there are a large number of local organizations and community members who want to see city hall take decisive steps to end the social profiling of people who are street-involved in Victoria.

Let’s act now to make Victoria a safer community for everyone! If you wish to sign up to speak at city hall on June 14th contact Mark Willson, Research Coordinator.