Harm Reduction Victoria (overview)

VIPIRG has a working group type partnership with Harm Reduction Victoria. To get involved contact research@vipirg.ca or visit Harm Reduction Victoria online:

Mission statement

Harm Reduction Victoria (HRV) seeks to ensure that the highest quality health care is made accessible to all those who require harm reduction services. We are a collection of Victoria area residents who will work with people who depend upon harm reduction health services to obtain and realize justice and dignity for all drug users and in particular those who suffer from homelessness, discrimination and violence as a result of their status as a person who uses drugs.


HRV is committed to on-going and broad community dialogue regarding the needs and deprivations of those who require harm reduction health services. HRV will use a diversity of means to ensure that the Capital Regional District adheres to the highest standards of Health Care for those who use currently illegal drugs, especially those who suffer from homelessness specifically.

Check out the up to date brochures for HRV

VHRRCS pamphlet [PDF]

HRV Campaign Booklet [PDF]

* HRV chooses to use the phrase “currently illegal drugs” as we hope someday to see a removal of the prohibitions that cause much of the harms associated with drug use