Urban agriculture

Urban Agriculture has a listserve. The listserve is used to connect people that are involved in urban agriculture in greater Victoria and elsewhere. If you’re involved with a group that’s doing urban agriculture, or know of some research that is being or has been conducted or is planned, or anything else connected with urban agriculture, and would like to share that information with others, please post a note to the group at vipirg-urban-ag@googlegroups.com

Only members can post so to add your e-mail to the listserve, visit http://groups.google.com/group/vipirg-urban-ag?hl=en.

We’re also on the directory of the LifeCycles Urban Agriculture Hub. You can check it out at http://urbanagriculturehub.ca/.

To contact the VIPIRG Urban Agriculture Working Group, please send an e-mail to agriculture@vipirg.ca or leave a message on the outreach phone at 250.472.5170.

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