War on Drugs is War on the Poor

Beddow Centre, S.O.L.I.D & Allies of Drug War Survivors present ‘War on Drugs is War on the Poor’ campaign:

SUPERVISED CONSUMPTION SITES NOW! An end to denying essential services to people who use drugs (including the immediate implementation of peer-driven Supervised Consumption Services in Victoria)

HOMES NOT PRISONS! No new money for the criminalization of people who use drugs (no new prisons; no increases to policing budgets for policing poverty) and spending where it should be –providing housing, income, health services and supports for all!

Upcoming projects include: a 2012 convergence by and for people who use drugs, aimed at building and sharing organizing skills as the first step in creating a powerful, accessible and broad-based local campaign against the War on Drugs/War on the Poor.

Please join us to share knowledge about existing projects and allied organizations (Society of Living Illicit Drug Users, Beddow Centre), and to pool our resources to build a strong, focused anti-poverty movement in Victoria.