Join the Retail Action Network in the fight for $15 & Change

The Retail Action Network is a network of workers and labour activists that fight for workplace justice, increased wages, and better conditions for retail and hospitality workers.

VIPIRG is a founding member of the Retail Action Network, and is currently involved in coordinating a community-based action research project about injustices faced by retail, service, and hospitality workers in Victoria.

Get involved in the fight for workplace justice!

We support workers that are owed wages, tips, or respect from their employer. Join us in organizing public pressure and direct action campaigns against bosses that exploit.

Join us in the call for a $15 minimum wage; protection from unfair dismissals, harassment, and discrimination; paid sick days; advanced schedules; and an end to on-call shifts.

Join one of our monthly dinners and discussions with other retail and hospitality workers to find similar workplace issues, meet new friends, and begin organizing.

Visit the Retail Action Network website for more info and to sign up for the newsletter and to get involved! | Facebook | Twitter

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