Healing in the 21st Century: Integrating Tradition and Western Medicine

The room was packed, and included insightful conversation on traditional healing and clinical medicine. Conversation included insights on treating addiction using alternative therapies, Indigenous community traditions and healing practices, childbirth and westernized process, and more. Discussion pushed the boundaries of health and medicine, and we received positive feedback from attendees. Due to the popularity of this event, our March 2019 Conference will include a panel of the same name and continue this conversation.

Our speakers for the evening included:
Kia Pezesh - Ibogaine and Addiction (VIPIRG)
Adrian Oberg - Director of Victoria Association for Psychedelic Studies
Andras Lenart - Psychedelics In Palliative Care (Ministry of Health)
Selina Beltran - Indigenous Health Practices (Victoria Cool Aid Society)
Anu Lotay - Traditional Birthing Practices (Department of Anthropology, UVic)

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