Defamatory Statements Against the Vancouver Island Public Interest Research Group (“VIPIRG”)

As reported by the Martlet this morning, VIPIRG's lawyers have contacted the UVSS in relation to the matter noted above. This is in effort to stop the UVSS from continuing to provide false information about our organization. 

All lead directors and directors at large were named, including Ainsley Kerr who voted against the motion and David Stevanovic, who abstained:

Pierre-Paul Angelblazer 

Noor Chasib 

Ainsley Kerr

Isabella Lee 

Curtis Whittla

Tyler Arnold 

Gulseerat Boparai 

Jordan Gilson

Eric Jakubowski 

Jonathan Loring 

Jasmine Pathak

David Stevanovic 

Julia Witte 

Mary Wood

VIPIRG has accomplished many things at UVic since 1989. Our lobbying led to the establishment of the recycling program on campus, we’ve awarded hundreds of thousands of dollars in grants & scholarships every year, our research was the basis for the establishment of a free community dental clinic, and because of VIPIRG, students can get course credit for doing research for community organizations.

We continue to publish student-led research, employ students, and provide multiple services on the UVic campus. All of our financial documents are available on our website and have been for the past several years as we fully believe in honesty, transparency, and accountability. Our website also shows exactly where students' money goes in detail.

Furthermore, we had made it clear previously to the UVSS during the Jan. 14 meeting when libelous claims were made that continuing to make such claims will leave VIPIRG no choice but to pursue legal action in order to protect the students, faculty, community members, grant donors, and provincial and federal funding agencies that have supported VIPIRG in the past and continue to support us. 

We would not be pursuing this action had the UVSS not continued to make defamatory claims despite being aware of the consequences to students. It is because of our commitment to ensuring that students are not misled that we had to pursue this matter. We do not take this matter lightly and would like it resolved as soon as possible in the interest of students. We encourage students to seek out information to make an informed choice when they vote.

If you have further questions about this, please email us at, or stop by SUB B122. We're open 11am - 5pm, but you're welcome to book an appointment  with us if these times don't work for you. 

UVSS members, don't forget to vote NO on March 6-8 at