Research Competition

Want an opportunity to present research, school papers, or a co-op term in an engaging way?

VIPIRG's Research Competition gives UVic undergraduate students the opportunity to describe your work with a larger audience, where you'll be asked to describe this work and its significance to the greater community.

'From Classrooms to Community' gives students a wonderful opportunity to showcase your classroom work to students and professors from different disciplines, as well as to community members, and local companies.

The event will be advertised widely and participants will benefit from the resume boost of winning the competition as well as sharing insights on their research with a diverse audience. Apply below for a chance to present your work.

Thursday, March 22


SUB Upper Lounge


Cash Prizes

1st prize $300

2nd prize $150

3rd prize $100

2018 Competition Winners

1st place: Ryan Suleman, Chemistry. "Gold Modified Strips for Zika Virus Detection"

2nd place: Jacqueline Kittel, Gender Studies. "Women in the Cannabis Industry: Is there a "green" ceiling?"

3rd place: Kenya Rogers, Political Science. "Towards Partnership With Student Survivors: Addressing Sexualized Violence and Institutional Betrayal at UVic

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